Web Album Creator

Web Album Creator 3.10

Create a digital photo album and share it online


  • Multiple template options
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Publish online via FTP
  • Option to burn the album onto a CD


  • Some templates look dated
  • No preview feature

Very good

Web Album Creator is an easy and quick way to create a photo album and share it online with friends and family.

Web Album Creator's interface might be a little plain for some, but what it lacks in cutting-edge stylistic design it makes up for in sheer simplicity when it comes to being user-friendly. Even people who are almost entirely unfamiliar with PCs and photo programs should be able to use this with relative ease.

Web Album Creator guides users along through five simple steps. First, you're prompted to select the photos you want to add to your new album. Second, configure your album to your preferences. Give it a name and choose what style of album you want. Third, decide what folder on your computer's hard-drive you want to put it in. If you're unsure, Web Album Creator offers a pre-made suggestion. Next, generate the album and decide if you want to enable multiple thumbnails or just simply have one picture per page. Lastly, upload it and enjoy!

You can create albums to post online or opt to burn your album to a disk. The choice is ultimately yours with Web Album Creator, and your customization options are quite varied. It even supports CSS (cascading style sheets) and offers an FTP client to publish your album online directly and immediately. And, best of all, you can complete the album creating process in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, some of the Web Album Creator template options look a little dated. In addition, there was no preview function available, so if you want to see what your template options look like, you'll be out of luck. Instead you'll need to create the entire album and then tweak it if you don't like the colors or configuration after it's been created.

Nevertheless, Web Album Creator is a great, easy-to-use photo album creator for publishing onto the web.

Web Album Creator


Web Album Creator 3.10

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